This site is for my graduate students and for our local community. 

First, my graduate students: This site’s purpose is to begin a lifelong reading in the cognitive development of children and young adults. While my graduate students are busy enough in the Accelerate program, our conversations about unit and lesson planning, and the subsequent engagement of students in the classroom, needs a common ground. To this end we will begin to build a foundation in the basic constructs of Vygotsky, Piaget, and Bruner.

The constant question for teachers, including myself, is: How do I know that my students know? The five dollar word for this question is epistemology. I have a simple ask for my graduate students: That you read only two or three pages of cognitive development a day and let each day’s reading ruminate in your thoughts on learning. In the counting of a year, that’s 700 to 1,000 pages. Eventually, later in your career, you will want to engage in a classroom level of research called action research to better understand your teaching and your students’ learning. Reading two to three pages a day of theory, and the application of theory, will empower you as a professional teacher and teacher leader. 

Second, our local community: 

About Dr. Charles Bickenheuser, EdD

My research focus is in cognitive language in teaching and in leadership. My background includes classical philosophy, linguistics, and American authors of short stories, essays and poems. My doctorate is in education and my primary methodology is phenomenology (i.e., cognitive language) in a mixed method framework of inquiry. Recently I retired from the active classroom, and now I happily spend my days as an adjunct professor at a leading university mentoring graduate students. Finally, a long time ago in what seems like another lifetime, I served as a medical sergeant in an airborne unit (5th Special Forces) in Vietnam in 1970-1971.